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Alpine Psychiatry in King of Prussia (KOP), Pennsylvania, is an adult and child psychiatry practice providing convenient, comprehensive, and personalized care for people ages 8 and up, offering in-person and telemedicine appointments. 

The group of licensed practitioners, including Nina Patel, CRNP, Vince Di Antonio, CRNP, PMHNP-BC and Virginia Mbaluka, MSN, PMHNP take a holistic approach and employ active listening when meeting with clients. This approach helps them focus on their clients' complete wellness to create well-rounded plans that lead to better overall health.

Alpine Psychiatry treats all psychiatric disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The adult and child psychiatrists conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to formulate an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

The practice offers medication management but is conservative when it comes to prescribing psychotropic medications. The progressive psychiatry practice also recognizes that traditional psychiatric treatments aren’t always enough and may recommend herbal supplements like lavender and lemon balm extract.

Alpine Psychiatry also uses mindfulness-based practices, exercise, nutritional supplements, and sometimes recommend novel therapies like ketamine (coming soon), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and neurofeedback to meet client needs.

The adult and child psychiatry practice has an easy-to-use texting platform, so clients don’t have to call the office for appointments. They also use doxy.me for telemedicine, which uses an individual link for appointments, eliminating the need for downloading an app for virtual visits. 

Alpine Psychiatry takes a comprehensive approach to mental well-being, focusing on whole wellness and using up-to-date mental health treatments.

Contact Alpine Psychiatry by text today to schedule a consultation. You can text us at 610-510-4881.